Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nothing much today...

Today, I've moved to another cubicle and make myself comfortable there. I rearrange all my things and files. Finally within half and hour I've done. Everything was fine except the most important part, the network connection. I've got this problem with the credentiality. It just won't accept the password. Reset the password also didn't work. I hated this Vista. After a few attempt of resetting the passwords, able and disable certain 'things' I finally went through. Fuh! lega. Kena submit 3Q & 4Q KPI.

Sekejap je it was already 12.45 p.m. It's lunch time!! We had our western food at Serambi Corner. They have quite a menu and I ordered a plate of chicken chop. It came with a set of fries, coleslow, mushroom soup and toast and iced-lemon tea. And guess what?? I finished all of them!! lapar gila! At least I din't waste my food O.K?

Balik office, suddenly, eh! why the air-cond is warm? Ala... panas la pulak.. or maybe I was feeeling hot because my stomach is working sooo hard to digest all the food I swallowed for lunch? I guess so....

But soon we understand that the powered-by-gas air-cond system setting tak berapa betul sikit and was fixed before the office close.

I reached home at 7.45 p.m. and Nadia, my eldest daughter was ready for her tuition class tonight. She gonna sit for the PMR exam this year. Babah sent her to the class and my youngest daughter, Hajar was already fallen asleep. Oh ya, yesterday was Hajar's 6th birthday.

I baked a chocolate cake for Hajar the night before and prepared 60 goodybags filled with wafer, sweets etc. for Hajar's kindy-mates. I started baking at 9.30 p.m. and finished with the baking and done some chocolate topping by 12.30 a.m! Put the cake inside the fridge and off to bed. The next morning, she celebrated her birthday at school with teachers and friends. I do not have the photo of her birthday celebration since I was not there but I do believe she would remember that moment as the most sweetest childhood memory. Happy Birthday Hajar. We love you!

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