Thursday, February 5, 2009

Komuter oh komuter ...

Yesterday, I took the KTM komuter ride from Bandar Tasik Selatan to Seremban. Biasalah naik komuter kalau tak car-pool dengan sesapa.

I reached the BTS station around 7.10 p.m. Tengok the displayed schedule, katanya the next train sampai situ 7.25 p.m. So... another fifteen minutes... o.klah. I smsed my daughter, Nadia to inform my arrival would be around 8.30 p.m. And ask babah to fetch me after sending Sarah for tuition. Travelling time from BTS to Seremban normally will take 1 hour. O.K fine..

After waiting and waiting the train still no sign of coming.. It was 7.30 p.m. The displayed schedule has changed to 7.45 p.m. for the next train. O.k lah I waited waited. Suddenly, my phone rang, my daughter, Sarah called and I told her that better ask babah to wait for me at the railway station in Seremban at 9.00 p.m... and finally the most waited train shoooing on the track slowly approaching the station at 8.00 p.m. Has they changed the time-table?? I have no idea. I just make myself storming onboard the train (of course la after letting people disembark the train). The coaches all packed with people but I managed to fit myself infront of the pintu. Standing somemore! Penat! I do not know why the train punctuality is always questionable. Can they improve? I am sure Malaysia Boleh!

Sampai Seremban, my husband was already waiting for me with Hajar, my youngest daughter. He parked the car and we headed to Parkson Grand. I have promised Hajar to buy her a pair of kasut tinggi (high heeled shoes) that's what she called, as long as the shoes/slipper/sandal tu ada tumit sikit and kalau jalan ada bunyi tuk tuk tuk. Macam kasut mama katanya. Unfortunately, tak jumpa kasut yang dikehendaki... instead I bought her a nice cotton blouse with pink floral design with 7o% discount!! After that we singgah at Mc Donald's (sorrylah, I have no choice semalam sbb dah balik lambat) while Babah busy at the Men' Dept. Later, Babah came over to us . We have to rush back to fetch Sarah at the tuition centre by 10.00 p.m.

We reached there 2 minutes to 10.00 p.m. and I sempat lagi singgah kat Dress Shop sebab from outside I can see they have a new collection of girls' princess dresses. I cannot resist but to enter the shop to have a closer look. Finally, I did not make any purchase and stormed out of the shop because it's already 10.05 p.m. I do not want Sarah to wait but lucky the tuition centre is just a couple of blocks from the Dress Shop. I will tell more about this Dress Shop in my future posting.

Sarah, she waited patiently in front of the tuition centre and came running towards the car as we pulled over. As usual she was dressed in her favourite O'kayce cotton shirt with girl image printed on the front side.

We reached home 5 minutes later and I quickly asked Nadia to change the channel to 701 for CSI Miami. I indulged in the CSI until 11.00 p.m. I quickly set the washing machine full loaded and went upstair and bathe and pray. By this time Hajar had fallen asleep and Sarah has changed into her pyjama and she went straight to bed. After Isyaq' prayer, I also went straight to bed. It was 12.45 a.m. What a day.. Good night everyone! I could only whisper.. zzz..zzzz..


  1. letih kalau balik kerja tren penuhkan,,harum pulak tu..he..he..

  2. dah belajar buat RE tu...laa...kenapa nak tempah?

    Kak Umi tu kebetulan my senior masa kat uni dulu...keciknya dunia!

  3. eee malunya saya maklang, sebenarnya kan homework yang Kak Umi bagi pun tak siap... Nak attend kelas Intermediate pun malu sbb tak siap homework. Tapi tak pe... insyaallah saya nak siapkan jugak and attend the class..

    ala... boleh la... nak tempah.. dgn kak umi pun saya tempah... what a student...

    kalau maklang confirmkan sedia terima tempahan saya akan transfer duit to your account.

    thank you maklang...

  4. tempah boleh..tak ada hal..tapi antar mail ke nazdin_2000@yahoo.comand confirm nak yang mana ye...duit jgn masuk dulu...tunggu dah siap baru masuk duit..he..he..


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