Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Jerusalem In the Qur'an

I found this book few years back on the book shelf in my living room. The book was bought by my husband. I accidently came across that very same book again last nite as I was searching for my Numbered Account.

The first time jumpa buku ni, I was like not really interested of reading it. But now, it is like a must for me to start reading the book.

Anyway, Numbered Account is another book which I am in a midway of finishing it. Quite interesting... about a banking scandal in Switzerland.. a father was killed and the son came back to work for the bank, to seek the truth behind his father's murder.

I do some reading whenever I do not have any sewing project, dah habis lipat baju, dah mop lantai, dah habis basuh pinggan etc. I do read quite a number of books by various authors from those days, ever since I commute between Seremban and KL, back in 1996.

What about the Jerusalem in the Quran? I am yet to know ... until I start reading it..

Talking about Jerusalem.. I remembered the Gaza.. As I was thinking of it, I received an e-mail informing about our department where I am working had launch the Tabung for the Palentine. I do hope that we will continue to support the Palestine people and please don't forget to donate to the Tabung NSTP untuk GAZA. The account no. is published on various on-line newspaper. Do visit the sites.


  1. ni dulu blog renda craft kan...??

  2. Hi mak lang,

    yes, rendacraft masih ada tapi now I added new blog, not specifically for jahitan but rojak-rojak. As for rendacraft, I dah lama sgt tak update.. eventhough mcm -mcm projek jahitan I buat.. sekarang tgh nak revamp the whole rendacraft blog.
    anyway mak lang i still follow your blogs every now and then. Very interesting. Congratulations! And I dah belajar RE dengan Umirose. She's nearer to my place.

    Thank you for your visit. Do come again and please leave your comment kalau sudi. I ni baru belajar2 semula pasal blog walaupun kerja IT!


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