Saturday, July 11, 2009

My first Award...

This is the first ever award that I received from Nannie. Terima kasih banyak-banyak ya Nannie. Saya ni bukannya aktif sangat lately ni dengan jahitan atau crafting sebab kesuntukan masa dengan anak-anak, especially my eldest Nadia is sitting for her PMR in October.

To those out there who loves sewing especially smocking, do bloghop to Nannie's. First time jumpa blog Nannie melalui blog kakaknya Kak Jun, belajar cupcakes decoration. I still do hope Nannie would cepat-cepat start the smocking class sebab I would be among the ealiest to register. Boleh ya Nannie... (memujuk lah ni...)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sarah.... paru-paru berair

Sarah was transfered from the ICU to normal ward yesterday evening but this morning upon chest X-ray she was warded back to the ICU... sebab paru-paru dia berair kata doctor.
I was so worried... penat jugak dah 1 week duduk hospital. Hajar kat ward tingkat 4 and Sarah kat ICU tingkat 2. Lepas suap makan Hajar turun suapkan makan untuk Sarah pulak... kalau tak suap dua-dua tak lalu makan...
Babah would come over later in the afternoon. I would spent the night at the hospital at Hajar's room, while Babah would go home later at night. This have been going on over 1 week dah... penak ...tok sah cakap... tapi demi anak...anak... any mothers would do the same even more... I believe..

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sarah and Hajar... and Dengue!

Sarah was warded and was forced to eat... dia tak selera makan ...

Mama... and her beads.... while Sarah sleeps ... I buat gelang for Hajar....

Here comes the visitors.... nak roboh katil....

It was Sarah's 11th Birthday on the 26th June 2009. We watched Transformers over the weekend and planning for a makan-kat-luar the coming weekend..

But... unfortunately on the evening of 30th June, she had high fever with 40 degrees. The very next morning we brought her to Seremban Specialist Hosp. for blood test and immediately the paedeatrician confirmed it's dengue. I was so shocked on hearing the bad news and she was immediately warded (above photos). On the third day she was transfered to the ICU (no photo) due the drastic drop of her platelet to the lowest of 16! She was in the ICU for 4 days and today her platelet had increased to 92. Alhamdulillah..
After this I am going to the hospital... right now Babah is there..
Another bad new is.... Hajar also warded on Sunday night because of high fever and the blood test proved that she also had dengue! Now she and Sarah are both at Angkasa Ward.
Sama-sama kita doakan kesihatan Sarah and Hajar ya.... and please take care of your children ... beware of Aedes....