Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fried Meehoon with Prawn and Desperate Housewives

I memang berhajat sangat nak bawak bekal lagi to office... I planned the night before, bangun awal sikit, nak buat scramble egg la konon. Sedapnya makan dengan roti...

But Hajar also the night before suruh buat cekodok... ok lah mama buat cekodok lepas tu buat scramble egg...

But this morning, as usual my alarm rang at 5.40 a.m. but I only got out the bed at 6.10 a.m. Terus masuk bathroom, ambil wuduk and after subuh prayer baru turun ke kitchen and buat cekodok for Hajar. Sarah dah bangun and mandi and after that Nadia also got up. Nadia sekolah petang. But nowaday she would get up earlier and do some revision after solat subuh. She gonna sit for the PMR this October.

By the time sudah masak cekodok dah 6.35 a.m. La.... nampak gayanya tak sempatlah nak buat scramble egg.. Terus mandi and after that kejutkan Hajar... Punyalah susah...nak bangun... She would prefer that I donned her hair like the biscuit Julie's tu... ikat dua... tapi dah lambat bangun... ikat satu je.

I reached office around 8.20 a.m. terus ke cafe and bought myself meehoon goreng and fried chicken and telur mata kerbau with a bit of sambal.. a bit unhealthy oily breakfast... but nevermind belasah je... dah lapar... Our tealady buat teh tarik... another unhealthy drink... I drank full mug... terus rasa kenyang... tak lalu makan meehoon dah... ada pulak seorang umat sedekah sebungkus nasi lemak.

During lunch hour... I stayed at my workstation... finished up the unfinished meehoon and yet to touch nasi lemak free. Malangnya nasi lemak macam nak basi terus hilang selera... I ended up makan meehoon je...

We have department meeting at 2.30 p.m. So ada some refreshment being served. Today the secreatary served us the home-made blueberry cheese tart and popia and also samosa. The last two mentioned kuih sedap but not the first one. Ooops.... memang kureng la...

Meeting ended at 5.00 p.m. Solat asar and it was 5.30 boleh balik... Keluar office at 6.40 p.m. and sampai Seremban 7.15 p.m. kena rushed home sebab Nadia ada tuition tonite.

What's for dinner? My husband said ... beli udang... goreng meehoon... what! meehoon lagi!? I said (dalam hati la...) OK lah I fried my own home-fried meehoon with prawn and egg. Sedap (perasan!)... I ate two full plate. Alright! it was a meehoon day for me. After cleaning up all the dishes it was time for Desperate Housewives... I never missed the series season after season...

Which character of the housewives would you be? I wonder ... Bree, Susan, Lynette, Gabrielle or Edie... Mrs McClusky?!... Oh no!....

Monday, March 30, 2009

Saving Energy

It starts at home...

We already knew that the fastest, least expensive way to slow climate change and reduce global warming : use less energy. Tutup suis lampu yang tak digunakan or other electrical appliances yang boleh dielakkan contohnya jangan guna dryer, be it hair dryer or dryer for clothes. Jemur je kain kat luar. Some people enjoy hanging clothes out. We don't have to waste electricity on the dryer. The good sunshine and wind would help. I love to hang clothes outside bila panas terik, saja je basuh whatever plan nak basuh e.g. cadar or selimut. Another simple action, jangan selalu bukak pintu fridge kalau tak perlu... I know... my youngest daughter, Hajar suka sangat check the fridge.. everytime nak lalu depan fridge.. tak sah kalau tak bukak pintu fridge tu... just to check kalau ada lagi vitagen ke, sweets tak habis lagi ke.. or coklat terlupa nak makan ke.. ataupun kat freezer atas tu ada ice-cream ke...

So what's holding us back?

I suddenly became very energy saving conscious. Perhaps after the earth hour on Saturday.. My daughter Hajar asked me on Sunday evening "kena tutup lampu lagi ke malam ni?". My answer was " malam ni tak pe, boleh pasang lampu" Then she said " ala... Hajar nak tutup lampu lagi". Then my answer to her "boleh lah kalau nak tutup lampu, bagus jugak, jimat sikit bil". Then I remember "eh eh tak boleh tutup semua sebab mama nak iron baju, esok kan kerja, Hajar kan sekolah".

Hajar just got excited of the idea that she can lite up the candle and play with flame... I still remember when my second daughter, Sarah, was little, she also likes to play with candle flame. She got that curly hairs... and she burned a few strand of that curly maggie mee hair of hers.

This morning, I was supposed to bawak bekal, ada lebih kari ikan masin from yesterday. Tak sempat nak packed bekal, sempat panaskan je. Late Sunday afternoon I cooked kari ikan masin which I bought the ikan masin and serbuk kari ikan kering from Jitra. Masak lambat sikit sebab my dear husband buat nasi goreng for us. How nice of him...

Sarah and Hajar and dear husband on Sunday evening pergi Jusco Seremban 2 to buy Science Practical Book for Sarah at the Popular and of course! for Hajar another colouring book. Ashu just bought for her the counting 123-100 last week. So... she have many books to keep her busy at least.. By the way, I just finished The Best Laid Plan the other day. This weekend I might pay the bookstore a visit.

While they were out, I finished up all the two embroidery orders for my colleagues. So, I am now free from any sewing engagement. But.. another friend of mine wanted to see the embroidery designs for baju kurung. I brought the design template with me today for her to choose. So... perhaps another new embroidery job waiting after this... While I was busy with my embroidery things, my eldest daughter, Nadia was busy downstairs... her eyes were glued onto the monitor, busy with her MySpace.

So.. when can I start with my own baju... I would need a new baju for a majlis this coming May... perhaps something with my own embroidery work... we'll wait and see...

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour

We, the whole family has turned off all the lights in the house starting just now at 8.30 p.m. But we switched on the TV. All my daughters seem to be excited with the event.. Sarah and Hajar suddenly senang je nak mandi. Selalu tu puas suruh mandi. But tonite, by maghrib je both of them cepat je masuk bilik air.

Now, they are having fun... singing in the dark. We had early dinner before 8 p.m. I just came back from my father's place. Dia bekalkan nasi minyak and kari daging from the kenduri kahwin. Apa lagi tak payah masak lah malam ni.

What do we do in the dark? I am blogging now and the girls are watching the AF. My husband taken some photos and I will upload it later.

Have fun people!! Save our planet!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The General Assembly II

I am still waiting for the result for the MT. Who would be them? I wonder....

Live telecast would be on TV3 ... I am quite excited actually...

Anyway, here comes the result... Naib Presiden - Zahid Hamidi, Hishamuddin Tun Hussein and Shafie Afdal ... I am relieved...

I can't imagine if Rahim Thamby Chik menang... How could people still voted him...

Timbalan Presiden - Tan Sri Muhyiddin ... as expected...


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The General Assembly

It is now live telecast on TV3, the Perhimpunan Agung UMNO, KJ won the Ketua Pemuda UMNO. He is now giving his maiden patriotic speech as the Ketua Pemuda UMNO, I wonder....

Just now Datuk Seri Shahrizat also won as the Ketua Wanita UMNO. Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz might rest at home becoming a domestic granny to her all grandchilren, I guess....

May everyone who had just won the seats they contested would work hard towards unity and harmony in life, I hope....

What would your comments be?

The Best Laid Plans

A novel by Sidney Sheldon.

I bought this book in August 2003 (I wrote the date when I bought it). But I cannot remember whether I read it or not. A friend borrowed the book late last year and just returned it today. Since I just concluded the book "The other side of Midnight" yesterday, I might continue with this book.

The Best laid Plans tells about America's most powerful and ruthless world of politics with its scandals and corruption. You may browse inside the book from the link on your left hand side menu.

About The other Side of Midnight, I love this book. I would recommend you reading this book.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hot-Air Balloon Putrajaya

Mama and Hajar and the Mr. Elephant at the background.

Happy faced clown

Sad faced clown

Sarah and Hajar with Mama

I like this the most

Friday, March 20, 2009

At home..

This morning, I went to the school to register for Hajar admission to primary 1 next year. Yes, I know.. I registered her quite late... tapi tak pe... the school clerk still accept the registration form. I need to come back in August for confirmation. Lega.. dah daftar..

Next.. I went to the laundry hantar 2 pasang baju kurung for dry clean. After that, I masuk the nearby kedai and cadangnya nak beli Milo tapi ended up I beli udang, mee kuning (kononnya nak goreng with udang tonite), sawi (untuk mee goreng), terung, kacang bendi for kari (teringat dah keluarkan ikan bawal kat rumah), santan pekat (for the fish curry), and perut... of course perut lembu... nampak bersih... putih... I pun ambik untuk sekali makan... what else I bought... oh ya kacang panjang nak buat kerabu perut mesti nak campur kacang panjang... itu je... terus balik rumah... masak kari and buat kerabu perut with kacang panjang and serai...

My husband balik sembahyang Jumaat, terus I hidang nasi and lauk kari ikan bawal with terung and bendi, kerabu perut and kacang panjang and telur dadar. A simple lunch for us today... What about yours? What do you have for lunch?

After lunch, I do some washing and am now posting this entry and after this perhaps some embroidery work... ada lagi tempahan from a friend tak siap lagi...

Seronoknya duduk rumah and do stuff that I most enjoyed

Have a nice weekend everyone..

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hajar's Coloring Contest, Glittering Stickers and The other side of midnight

During the weekend, Hajar participated along with her classmates at Seremban Parade for the colouring contest organised by the Pejabat Pendidikan Daerah Seremban. As usual she won again but third prize. As I normally have said, as long as she wins any of the prizes that is alright with her. I was always be with her at any time she enter the contest. And she wins!

The night before the contest she was like not feeling well. Alamak! Hajar demam la.. We were at the Bookstore and I realised that she was not as energetic as usual she would. I was looking at the book shelf of the children's section when I came across an activity book which consist of a few pages of glittering stickers. I better buy for her, I thought. In case she won't be able to be at the colouring contest tomorrow. She would have a new activity as a substitute. I did and also did for myself, another Sidney Sheldon's The other side of Midnight. I have started reading it today. By the way, I have finished with the Bloodline. It was a fantastic fiction and I enjoyed each of the pages.

The next morning, Hajar woke up early and I was quite surprised that she was o.k. tak demam lagi. So, bolehlah pergi colouring contest tu. We went there, collect the prize, had our lunch at the foodcourt and we returned home. I slept until late evening sebab kenyang and penat.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My latest books...

I am now indulging reading Sidney's Sheldon's Bloodline. I bought the book on the way to boarding flight to Alor Setar from KLIA. Dalam terkejar2 to the gate, I sempat grabbed (and pay it of course!) the book from the shelve. It is the best ever book that I read by Sidney Sheldon.

Bloodline is about a daughter of a rich and powerful father and sole heir to a billion dollar fortune. In summary bloodline is a tale of love and ambition, danger, intrigue and death. Very interesting. Much better than Danielle Steel. You are right Zarina! I would prefer Sheldon's.

Another two new books this week are Japanese Ondori book on patchwork projects and Sewing bags for children. I would love to start new project this weekend. But... this weekend ada kenduri kahwin and guess what??!

Hajar is having another coloring contest in Seremban Parade in conjunction with Karnival Kerjaya Daerah Seremban, this Sunday at 10.00 a.m.

Hajar and Sarah... they won..

Yesterday, I took half a day leave (afternoon) from office just to be at Hajar's kindy. They were having an annual general meeting to select the school's new committee members and also to discuss the activities for the children throughout the year. While all the parents in the meeting the children are made busy at the coloring contest next door. The meeting ended after an hour. Before the meeting started, we had sort of Sesi ceramah of Keibubapaan and mendidik Anak-anak. It was really informative and good initiative by the school.

Hajar as usual, were so eager for the coloring contest and fuuhh! nasib baik menang. Bukan apa, kalau orang lain dapat hadiah, dia tak dapat, I have to give 1001 reasonsof why she's not getting any prize. As long as she got a present, tak kiralah hadiah saguhati ke... what really matters to her... dapat hadiah! She got first prize and she does not really bother the number... until I told her that she won 1st prize only then she jumped for triumph!!!!

Sarah.... she has turn coloured... from what she called perang2 (perasan) to gelap! her babah used to called her now. Why... for the past 2 weeks she has been in the athletic held at Stadium in Paroi, Seremban. She could sprint quite fast, I would say... Tomorrow she would be receiving the medal for the relay 4x400m, if I am not mistaken. By this time I am typing my posting, she had already fallen asleep... penat sangat lah tu...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kampung ku...

On Thursday last week, my sister, Adik and my daughter, Hajar, we made a short 2 day balik kampung in Kedah. It's been such a long time that I haven't been to the kampung where I was born.. Kg. Padang Tok Kesop in Jitra, Kedah. Never heard of this kampung? Of course! tak pernah kan... but believe me this is no more kampung, dah jadi pekan dah cik oii.. I was born and raised there during my early toddler years.

Why suddenly we were there? We were there for some family matters. We took an afternoon flight and reached the Alor Setar Airport after an hour. By the way, I bought a book by Sidney Sheldon on my way to boarding the flight at KLIA. We took a taxi and reached kampung after 20 minutes. Photos will be uploaded later.

What a surprise to see huge changes along the road to kampung. I hardly recognise the places. Dah banyak pembangunan. Kebetulan after we reached kampung, we were told that Pakcik, my mother's brother, and makcik was also on their way balik kampung. they were from Kota Bharu, kelantan. What a pleasant surprised! I last met them during my mother's funeral in September last year.
Di kampung cuma tinggal Ngah sahaja. She is my mother's elder sister. And brother, Pakcik. Tok and Wan have long passed away.

Day 1 (Thu)
We walked to Pekan Jitra 2 and makan Mee Sup. Actually we wanted to makan Meehoon Sup tapi dah habis. Masuk the supermarket and later searching sandal for Hajar as kaki dia dah melecet pakai kasut. We continue jalan-jalan for a while and walked home.. At night after maghrib prayer, we ate dinner and after Isyak prayer we pasang kelambu (banyak nyamuk) and tidur. Awalnya tidur... before 10.00 p.m we have already doozed off....zzzzzzzzzz.

Day 2 (Fri)
Early morning we walked to the market and got excited because a lot of stuff like all the keperluan harian was sold there and food was everywhere. All kinds of kuih and a lot of nasi bungkus and all kinds of ulam-ulaman and etc. I bought sotong and ikan siakap. Adik bought ulam-ulaman.

In the after we cooked together the ikan2 that we bought from the market. We ate lunch and slept soundly after zohor sebab kat luar panasnya. In the evening, my cousin Kak Chun came over. Later at night, we also slept early.. Tak tengok TV pun.

Day 3 (Sat)
Early morning, again we walked to the market and this time we makan roti canai kat situ. We also bought all kinds of kuih. I bought some ikan masin untuk bawak balik. By afternoon we took a taxi to Taman Pasu to kak Mah's place. She invited us for lunch at her house. She is another cousin of mine. She cooked sotong and sambal telur. I makan sampai 2 pinggan nasi. Her daughter has just given birth to a baby boy and tengah berpantang at her house. Seronoknya dapat jumpa sedara mara. That night, after maghrib, Ipin (my other cousin's son) sent us off to the airport as we have to catch the 9.35 p.m flight. As we landed at the KLIA, my husband and Sarah were already waiting for us. We drove to 24 hour A&W in Seremban for late supper.

Seronoknya balik kampung...

I would upload the photos later.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

In the office...

Today is my third day in my new section.. banyak kerja... and alhamdulillah my clerk has came back to work after two days leave. I need him to clarify certain issues and update me on the outstanding work.

I felt so alhamdulillah because dalam I terkial-kial with my new job, ada pulak seorang kawan yang nak tolong.. actually he was in the same position as what I am now..

So... apa lagi... took notes from the mentor.. I terus buat flowchart and learn from the expert. That was how I learn new things....

Monday, March 2, 2009

My first day...

My first day at work .. in a new section... and both my clerks are on leave or should I say one in on leave and the other is missing or EL or MC I guess.. What a challenge!!

What did I do? During the first hour, my boss called and given me two documents and asked me to re-evaluate the job scope, pricing etc... and immediately after that the secreatary given me all the quotations etc... oh dear... no one to assist me .. what do I do...

Never mind... not to panic.. and suddenly, here came the Property Exec and given me a bunch of document - scope of work for some work at our southern office. Here it goes...

And.. this afternoon is the Departmental Meeting which I have to attend and to report the progress. Where in the world is my clerk..

But... I think I like the challenge and my current job..