Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kampung ku...

On Thursday last week, my sister, Adik and my daughter, Hajar, we made a short 2 day balik kampung in Kedah. It's been such a long time that I haven't been to the kampung where I was born.. Kg. Padang Tok Kesop in Jitra, Kedah. Never heard of this kampung? Of course! tak pernah kan... but believe me this is no more kampung, dah jadi pekan dah cik oii.. I was born and raised there during my early toddler years.

Why suddenly we were there? We were there for some family matters. We took an afternoon flight and reached the Alor Setar Airport after an hour. By the way, I bought a book by Sidney Sheldon on my way to boarding the flight at KLIA. We took a taxi and reached kampung after 20 minutes. Photos will be uploaded later.

What a surprise to see huge changes along the road to kampung. I hardly recognise the places. Dah banyak pembangunan. Kebetulan after we reached kampung, we were told that Pakcik, my mother's brother, and makcik was also on their way balik kampung. they were from Kota Bharu, kelantan. What a pleasant surprised! I last met them during my mother's funeral in September last year.
Di kampung cuma tinggal Ngah sahaja. She is my mother's elder sister. And brother, Pakcik. Tok and Wan have long passed away.

Day 1 (Thu)
We walked to Pekan Jitra 2 and makan Mee Sup. Actually we wanted to makan Meehoon Sup tapi dah habis. Masuk the supermarket and later searching sandal for Hajar as kaki dia dah melecet pakai kasut. We continue jalan-jalan for a while and walked home.. At night after maghrib prayer, we ate dinner and after Isyak prayer we pasang kelambu (banyak nyamuk) and tidur. Awalnya tidur... before 10.00 p.m we have already doozed off....zzzzzzzzzz.

Day 2 (Fri)
Early morning we walked to the market and got excited because a lot of stuff like all the keperluan harian was sold there and food was everywhere. All kinds of kuih and a lot of nasi bungkus and all kinds of ulam-ulaman and etc. I bought sotong and ikan siakap. Adik bought ulam-ulaman.

In the after we cooked together the ikan2 that we bought from the market. We ate lunch and slept soundly after zohor sebab kat luar panasnya. In the evening, my cousin Kak Chun came over. Later at night, we also slept early.. Tak tengok TV pun.

Day 3 (Sat)
Early morning, again we walked to the market and this time we makan roti canai kat situ. We also bought all kinds of kuih. I bought some ikan masin untuk bawak balik. By afternoon we took a taxi to Taman Pasu to kak Mah's place. She invited us for lunch at her house. She is another cousin of mine. She cooked sotong and sambal telur. I makan sampai 2 pinggan nasi. Her daughter has just given birth to a baby boy and tengah berpantang at her house. Seronoknya dapat jumpa sedara mara. That night, after maghrib, Ipin (my other cousin's son) sent us off to the airport as we have to catch the 9.35 p.m flight. As we landed at the KLIA, my husband and Sarah were already waiting for us. We drove to 24 hour A&W in Seremban for late supper.

Seronoknya balik kampung...

I would upload the photos later.

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