Monday, March 30, 2009

Saving Energy

It starts at home...

We already knew that the fastest, least expensive way to slow climate change and reduce global warming : use less energy. Tutup suis lampu yang tak digunakan or other electrical appliances yang boleh dielakkan contohnya jangan guna dryer, be it hair dryer or dryer for clothes. Jemur je kain kat luar. Some people enjoy hanging clothes out. We don't have to waste electricity on the dryer. The good sunshine and wind would help. I love to hang clothes outside bila panas terik, saja je basuh whatever plan nak basuh e.g. cadar or selimut. Another simple action, jangan selalu bukak pintu fridge kalau tak perlu... I know... my youngest daughter, Hajar suka sangat check the fridge.. everytime nak lalu depan fridge.. tak sah kalau tak bukak pintu fridge tu... just to check kalau ada lagi vitagen ke, sweets tak habis lagi ke.. or coklat terlupa nak makan ke.. ataupun kat freezer atas tu ada ice-cream ke...

So what's holding us back?

I suddenly became very energy saving conscious. Perhaps after the earth hour on Saturday.. My daughter Hajar asked me on Sunday evening "kena tutup lampu lagi ke malam ni?". My answer was " malam ni tak pe, boleh pasang lampu" Then she said " ala... Hajar nak tutup lampu lagi". Then my answer to her "boleh lah kalau nak tutup lampu, bagus jugak, jimat sikit bil". Then I remember "eh eh tak boleh tutup semua sebab mama nak iron baju, esok kan kerja, Hajar kan sekolah".

Hajar just got excited of the idea that she can lite up the candle and play with flame... I still remember when my second daughter, Sarah, was little, she also likes to play with candle flame. She got that curly hairs... and she burned a few strand of that curly maggie mee hair of hers.

This morning, I was supposed to bawak bekal, ada lebih kari ikan masin from yesterday. Tak sempat nak packed bekal, sempat panaskan je. Late Sunday afternoon I cooked kari ikan masin which I bought the ikan masin and serbuk kari ikan kering from Jitra. Masak lambat sikit sebab my dear husband buat nasi goreng for us. How nice of him...

Sarah and Hajar and dear husband on Sunday evening pergi Jusco Seremban 2 to buy Science Practical Book for Sarah at the Popular and of course! for Hajar another colouring book. Ashu just bought for her the counting 123-100 last week. So... she have many books to keep her busy at least.. By the way, I just finished The Best Laid Plan the other day. This weekend I might pay the bookstore a visit.

While they were out, I finished up all the two embroidery orders for my colleagues. So, I am now free from any sewing engagement. But.. another friend of mine wanted to see the embroidery designs for baju kurung. I brought the design template with me today for her to choose. So... perhaps another new embroidery job waiting after this... While I was busy with my embroidery things, my eldest daughter, Nadia was busy downstairs... her eyes were glued onto the monitor, busy with her MySpace.

So.. when can I start with my own baju... I would need a new baju for a majlis this coming May... perhaps something with my own embroidery work... we'll wait and see...


  1. Hasya pun sama, pantang lalu depan fridge..asyik nk tengok je what's inside

    tonite I tinggal ngan hasya je kat rumah, so for sure lampu bawah kena on...takut oo

  2. tak habis2 dgn penakut dia tu..


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