Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hajar and Sarah... they won..

Yesterday, I took half a day leave (afternoon) from office just to be at Hajar's kindy. They were having an annual general meeting to select the school's new committee members and also to discuss the activities for the children throughout the year. While all the parents in the meeting the children are made busy at the coloring contest next door. The meeting ended after an hour. Before the meeting started, we had sort of Sesi ceramah of Keibubapaan and mendidik Anak-anak. It was really informative and good initiative by the school.

Hajar as usual, were so eager for the coloring contest and fuuhh! nasib baik menang. Bukan apa, kalau orang lain dapat hadiah, dia tak dapat, I have to give 1001 reasonsof why she's not getting any prize. As long as she got a present, tak kiralah hadiah saguhati ke... what really matters to her... dapat hadiah! She got first prize and she does not really bother the number... until I told her that she won 1st prize only then she jumped for triumph!!!!

Sarah.... she has turn coloured... from what she called perang2 (perasan) to gelap! her babah used to called her now. Why... for the past 2 weeks she has been in the athletic held at Stadium in Paroi, Seremban. She could sprint quite fast, I would say... Tomorrow she would be receiving the medal for the relay 4x400m, if I am not mistaken. By this time I am typing my posting, she had already fallen asleep... penat sangat lah tu...

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