Wednesday, December 30, 2009

D'Cottage Craft Giveaway

Another giveaway... I memang suka try my luck with giveaways... so far dah dua kali menang... dari 5/6 percubaan.. boleh tahan jugak kan..

Oh ya about this giveaway... from Inahaiqal's. So pink... and sweet sangat2.
And my top 5 decal designs:
1. Jubilee Rose
2. Pink Delight
3. Summertime Pink
4. Cottage Houses
5. Mum's Kitchen wording

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Baby Bees Boutique Giveaway

Another attractive giveaway by Baby Bees at Grosgrain. I just love the vintage ideas for the baby... It is sooo adorable and cute .....Hope I'll be the lucky pick....

Sew Retro's Fabric Giveaway

Those are fabrics offered by Zura from SewRetroChic for the giveaway. As usual, I have participated... I hope I am the lucky winner this time.... The fabrics are sooooo adorable to resist!
What would I do with all those?? I think I'll sew a 2-tiered skirts for Hajar and a blouse for her too.. kain lebih boleh buat pouch.
Tengah berangan lah ni....

New year...

Once again, I wish all of you a happy new year 2010 and not too late Selamat Maal Hijrah..
And yes, every beginning of new year, I would make a list of things to do... Whether I actually cross out everything on the list, that's a different story....

I have to admit that I still have things to finish in this year's list... I'm afraid I'll have to bring forward the remainder of the things to the next year... I am allowed to do that of course...

Besides sewing, I do other lists for other occasions such as 'balik kampung' list, grocerries and used to have a maternity lists for my maternity stay in the hospital few years back...
What would be my 2010 lists??? What about yours???
I hope all of you will enjoy yourself during the last few days of 2009 and may next year will be a good, healthy and prosperous year to all of us... Amin...

Nadia and PMRnya

I know some of you who personally known me might be wondering what was Nadia's PMR result? Well, she's not one of the PMR's 8As. She got 3As and 5Bs.
Me, as a mother, am proud of her on whatever result she produces... I knew she has done all her best.. and never stop praying for her future undertakings...
I take this opportunity to congratulate all mothers out there whose sons/daughters have excelled in the examination. We should be proud of ourselves.
Next year, Sarah would be siting for her UPSR la pulak..

Monday, December 28, 2009


Lamanyaa... it has been more than a month since my last update....

Happy New Year to all of you out there who happened to visit this blog. I wish I have more time to do things I love to do these days ~ sewing and not forgetting blogging. I have been extremely busy (alasanlah tu!) with my office work (the auditors were here), busy with the girls, they are at home during this school holidays, busy preparing meals for them before going to office, and not forgetting, being a dedicated, productive 'farmer'... A friend once had an entry about me... that was why lack of blogging...
I had one baby's set order and finished them way out of time!!! I had also bags and pouches orders and yet to finish them.. About the baby's set... I'll paste the photo during my next entry as I have yet to copy them from my sister's camera..
I am now also busy with the enggagement preparations for my youngest sister. We have been to Nilai 3 to do some last minutes shopping for the occasion. I will also paste the photo later...
There you see.... I am really occupied....