Friday, February 27, 2009

Last day.. my appreciation..

These are photos of my colleagues in MIS Section.

Today is my last day... not in the company but in MIS Section. I have been in the same section for the past 16 years! My working life is about to change from next week..

I'll be heading the Purchasing Section from next week onwards. I have a mixed feeling... sad to leave MIS Section.. excited to face a new challenge. Frankly speaking, I have almost zero experience in purchasing. Of course, I purchased a lot of household stuff and do groceries etc!

There would be 2 subordinates.. I hope they would assist me in my new field. And again.. I would be shifting to another cubicles.. Anyway, I would like to thank everyone in the Section including our MIS Head for the support during my tenure in MIS Section (chewahh).

It seems that a lot of new challenge are waiting for me.. What do I do first? By the way, where is my JD??

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Komuter.. oops now Shuttle Train

On Friday, I balik dengan train lagi.. As usual, I was at the Bandar Tasik Selatan Komuter Station, waiting for the komuter for more than 45 minutes from 6.10 p.m. to 7.00 p.m. There were 2 full loaded trains past by me that I could not boarded. It was alright with me cause I was busy with my book... turning page by page... And suddenly there it was a noisy heavy machine or engine coming towards the station. It was like the usual long distance train e.g. to Singapore. It suddenly stop at the station and a man from onboard the train came out and wave a flag just like the long distance train. But people were rushing to boarding the train. I was like confused! I asked the man "Encik, boleh naik ke". He did not answer, instead asked me " Nak pergi mana?" I said "Nak pergi Seremban". Now he answered me "Boleh, naik.. naik".

I rushed with the others borded the train. The train was called Shuttle Train, from KL to Seremban, 5 trips daily starting from 6.55 a.m from Seremban. Only make stops at major stations like Bandar Tasik Selatan, Kajang, Nilai and Seremban. The condition of the coach was more confortable compared to Komuter train. The seats are more comfortable and more spacious I would say. I think the additional services provided by the KTM was excellent and could cater for growing numbers of commuters between Seremban and KL Sentral. I am glad, they did improve!!!

Chocolate again.... some healthy facts

Berikut adalah fakta-fakta sihat coklat - and to justify my love for chocolate! Excerpt from the newspaper recently.

1. Coklat mengandungi phenylethylamine dan tyramine, bahan kimia yang menyebabkan rasa sayang.

2. Mengandungi anti-oksidan yang melindungi sel-sel dan DNA daripada radikal bebas dan menghalang pembentukan bahan lemak yang boleh menyebabkan salur darah jantung tersumbat.

3. Coklat bukan penyebab migrain hasil kajian yang dijalankan di Universiti Pittsburg, Amerika.

4. Mengaitkan makan coklat dengan kemunculan jerawat adalah kepercayaan karut kerana tiada kajian membuktikan tanggapan tersebut.

5. Para saintis di Boston mendapat bukti awal bahawa koko atau lain-lain jenis coklat mungkin boleh menurunkan paras tekanan darah tinggi, melancarkan pengaliran darah dan membuat jantung sihat.

6. Coklat mengandungi bahan seperti penenang menerusi cecair endorphin yang membuat kita rasa gembira.

No wonder.. I would feel great whenever I eat chocolate. Heaven..!! Psst... chocolate gifts are most welcome.. hi..hi...

Sarah dan Bunga Mawar

Sarah bought another book for herself - Sarah dan Bunga Mawar. Ada 30% discount at the same kind of bookstore that I went the other day but this is in Senawang. This book is the third after Sarah dan Anting-anting and Sarah dan Kasut Tumit Tinggi. I guessed she just love all the books simply because the main character inside it was SARAH. Tak kisah lah.. as long as she could gradually built her reading interest. oops lupa, what's for Hajar? again... biasalah.. she picked a Barbie Colouring Book this time. Enjoy girls!!

This time no book for mama. I still have a few more pages to finish Honour Thyself.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Chocolate and Books

A friend of mine, Ziela just came back from a holiday on an island of legend... Before that I kinda 'force' her to buy me something from the island's free duty.. chocolate! When she came to work today, I 'force' her to surrender her big chocolate bar to me and guess what?? she did!! Thank you soooo much Ziela... Here's the tip... Just say your children love it... I love this particular brand of chocolate ever since I am still a little girl up to now became a 'biggg...' girl.

When I was small, I could still remember that my father used to treat us adik beradik with cadbury's milk chocolate and a can of F&N orange drink during special occassion e.g. kalau ada function kat mess. My father was an army and we used to live in an army quarters. There was a mess, kind of a club house then. kat situ ada chocolates and canned drinks! Special kan during that time... 30 over years ago...

Today is Friday, so.. we had 2 hours lunch break. As usual me and friends, Junaidah and Ida pergi SACC mall in Shah Alam. Just makan-makan, no shopping! We ate at one of our favourite eatery - Asiari. I ordered Buttered Rice with Lemongrass Chicken. Sedap!!! with iced-lemon tea lagi. After finished the nasi I cepat-cepat naik atas to the MPH Bookstore sebab ada 30% discount on some of the books. We got back to office by 3.00 p.m. lambat 15 minutes. Nasib baik boss tak ada...

I bought books for Hajar and me. This time no book for Sarah or Nadia. For Hajar, I bought 2 books - First Picture Dictionary and Bacakan Saya Satu Cerita. And for myself I bought 2 books also - Misteri Solat Sunat Dhuha and Misteri Solat Sunat Hajat.

Monday, February 16, 2009

The most anticipated day .. today

Why?? Because today is our company's Information Meeting. The event was held this morning at Glenmarie, Golf and Country Resort from 9.30 a.m to 1.00 p.m. As usual, breakfast and lunch provided. Itu yang I suka tu...

Why is it so much awaited? Simply because it was the day when Mr. Chairman would announce the salary increament and annual bonus for the employees.

How much we got? I can only say "alhamdulillah" praise to God.. By looking at the current economic turmoil, we still managed and could afford to retain our current job...

What would I spent the money for?? I do have plan.. I am still thinking... whether it is wise spending or not...

What would be your advise??

Sunday, February 15, 2009

A tale of small miracles and big surprises...

What did I do today? I do all the washing, drying and folding and ironing. Done. I cooked for lunch. What did I cooked? I cooked ikan siakap masak lemak cili api, sambal belacan and timun, and ikan bilis goreng and telur goreng. I done all the house chores diligently and got back to my book immediately. Before that, while I was still in the kitchen, I switched on the TV and tak pernah2 tengok TV2, ada cerita 'The prince and I'. The tajuk interesting and tak sengaja I watched it to the end! The story quite interesting about a prince from denmark enrolled in an American university. There he met a girl in the same class and fall in love without the girl realise that he was a prince. The story go on with all a girl could dream of and finally they live happily ever after.. I guessed...

Back to the book... I was so indulge in the storybook since I bought it on Friday. Honour Thyself is about a courageous journey of survival, memory and self-discovery. A story of a lady who got her second chance in life after a tragic terrorists bombing, got an extraordinary opportunity to count her blessings, heal wounded hearts, recapture lost love... and to live a life that will truly honour others - beginning with herself. A tale of small miracles and big surprises....

Glass Painting at Rumah mak.. Kota

Yesterday, Saturday, as planned I drove back to Kota. Adik was there. As usual Sarah and Hajar followed me. Nadia was busy with some motivational program at school. Babah as usual would not follow.

We went there after lunch. I cooked and eat and left. Normally, I would help Ayah to fold all his clothes. He would do the washing but not the folding. I would do it for him. Ayah gave me the latest edition of Feb's National Geographic because he got 2 copies. Last month pun dapat 2 copies. Sebenarnya Ayah terlupa yang dia dah renew the subscription. When he got the other form the following month, dia isi lagi sekali. That's the reason why they sent 2 copies. And I was to cancel the second subscription or to change it for the upcoming year subscription. This month National Geographic's 'What Darwin Didn't know'. I just browse thru but haven't read it yet. Actually I was busy reading the latest book I bought, Danielle Steel's Honour Thyself. It is quite a good book.

Back to Kota, what do we do there beside folding clothes? Yes, we do some glass painting. It's been quite sometime that I last do this. For Adik it was her first time. So do Hajar. We painted empty bottles that adik collected. Hajar tried her skill on an empty tomato ketchup bottle. See the above photo. I have a few bottles of acryllic colours. It was quite interesting.

Adik and me

My sister, Adik fetched me at the office at 5.30 p.m. Friday and we travelled back together to Seremban. It was her normal routine to spend the weekend at our parents' place. Normally, if we were travelling from Shah Alam to Seremban, we would use the Elite Highway and exit at the KLIA. After paying the toll we would go along the road to the F1 Sepang, and the Labu Sendayan until we reached the Seremban 2. There's a shopping Complex and we decided to stop and 'sight-seeing'. I thought of buying t-shirt sukan for Sarah. Tapi malangnya, the back-to-school promotion tu dah lama habis. Never mind... makanlah sebab dah lapar.. On the way to the food court, we lalu at the cosmetic counter... attracted by the 15% discount and somemore bedak pun dah pecah, foundation pun dah habis... excuse lah tu nak beli... end-up both of us beli foundation, bedak, blusher, moisturiser, powder and we also dapat so called mineral eye-shadow FOC. To me tak lah membazir sebab not every month we buy such things. All those things would last more than 3 months!

Belum sampai lagi kat food court, we singgah at MPH. I bought Danielle Steel's Honour Thyself and a coloring book for Hajar. Finally we singgah at the last pit-stop, the food court. We ordered Mixed Grill - Chicken and Beef. tak sedap. tengah nak menyuap suddenly Adik cakap Eh! where's my phone?? Entah! mana ada kau telefon2 tadi. Cari2 tak ada dlm beg. terus dia tak lalu nak makan. She went back to the car which was parked outside and trying to locate the phone by using my phone to call hers while I finished my food. After a while, I finished my food, I went outside to the parking lot and she was still searching the whole inside the car. We could hear the ringing tone but where is it? Rupa2nya the phone was not inside the car, it was outside the car underneath the car which was parked beside her car just near the tyre. Just imagine if the car owner would drive out and just lenyek the phone. Sayonara la.. Suspen je la kau ni Adik...

We left the shopping complex, sent me home and she continued driving to Kota alone. The next day, I would go to Kota too. It's about 30 minute drive from my house. Kesian Ayah, he's alone since mak passed away.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

An afternoon in Bangi

Ayah have asked all the four of us to gather at Angah house in Bangi during the last weekend on Saturday. He wanted to discuss some serious family matters. I would not disclose it here for sure. I drove to Bangi with Sarah and Hajar right before lunch. Nadia tak ikut sebab ada kelas tambahan kat sekolah. Babah pun tak ikut. It took about 35 minutes drive from Senawang to Bangi. Very fast guna KL-Seremban highway.

At Angah's house, me, adik and angah cooked for lunch. We cooked kari sotong, ikan goreng, daging goreng and sambal belacan. As we were busy in the kitchen, the children were also busy on the three. See the above photos.

Nothing much today...

Today, I've moved to another cubicle and make myself comfortable there. I rearrange all my things and files. Finally within half and hour I've done. Everything was fine except the most important part, the network connection. I've got this problem with the credentiality. It just won't accept the password. Reset the password also didn't work. I hated this Vista. After a few attempt of resetting the passwords, able and disable certain 'things' I finally went through. Fuh! lega. Kena submit 3Q & 4Q KPI.

Sekejap je it was already 12.45 p.m. It's lunch time!! We had our western food at Serambi Corner. They have quite a menu and I ordered a plate of chicken chop. It came with a set of fries, coleslow, mushroom soup and toast and iced-lemon tea. And guess what?? I finished all of them!! lapar gila! At least I din't waste my food O.K?

Balik office, suddenly, eh! why the air-cond is warm? Ala... panas la pulak.. or maybe I was feeeling hot because my stomach is working sooo hard to digest all the food I swallowed for lunch? I guess so....

But soon we understand that the powered-by-gas air-cond system setting tak berapa betul sikit and was fixed before the office close.

I reached home at 7.45 p.m. and Nadia, my eldest daughter was ready for her tuition class tonight. She gonna sit for the PMR exam this year. Babah sent her to the class and my youngest daughter, Hajar was already fallen asleep. Oh ya, yesterday was Hajar's 6th birthday.

I baked a chocolate cake for Hajar the night before and prepared 60 goodybags filled with wafer, sweets etc. for Hajar's kindy-mates. I started baking at 9.30 p.m. and finished with the baking and done some chocolate topping by 12.30 a.m! Put the cake inside the fridge and off to bed. The next morning, she celebrated her birthday at school with teachers and friends. I do not have the photo of her birthday celebration since I was not there but I do believe she would remember that moment as the most sweetest childhood memory. Happy Birthday Hajar. We love you!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tak berapa suka...

First day at work... first thing boss panggil suruh pindah ke workstation lain... by tomorrow...restructuring tempat duduk... o.klah... I always follow instruction...
Frankly speaking.. I do not like the idea.. simply because I have been sitting at the same cubicle for the past 10 years!! But as I said earlier... I follow instruction... I'll move my things latest by tomorrow then.

After thinking of my current work scope, I suddenly get bored. I 've been thinking of asking to be transfered to another section or department. But what other job(s) that I would be able to do other than IT? Of course sewing is another field that I am good at. But I am definitely not going to sew for living at least for now.

Whoever reading this posting, interested in hiring a 'garang' (senior) lady to overlook your some lazy worker you can count on me.. I am your right candidate. Ha.. ha... I am just kidding...

But... I am serious ... I need to do something new... something a 'little' bit more challenging... I need to change!!! I do not want to stay at the same level doing the same job for the rest of my working life!! I am willing to consider any job offer right now!! Please help me!!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

I got very annoyed...

Today, I was in one of our branch office to continue some unfinished work. I was also at the same branch office last Friday. What was actually the work that was so important that I 've been doing there last week and today?

Guess what? I was to patch all PCs and notebooks with the latest software patches, scan virus, install latest virus pattern file and engine as some bad virus has bombarded our network system. Frankly speaking, I have no problem doing all those cleaning things. All those 'things' does not really got on your nerves. But the 'thing' that most annoyed me was human.

I got really annoyed with people who just do not know how to appreaciate other people's effort or help.. but to always complaint and complaint all the way.. I got very annoyed.. until I almost forgot to fetch Sarah at school petang tadi. She had netball training. She is in the school team. Oh ya... let me introduce you .... Sarah Aisyah, 11 years old, she's in Primary 5. She's taller than me. I am 5' 1". She's 5' 2". She may grow taller...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Komuter oh komuter ...

Yesterday, I took the KTM komuter ride from Bandar Tasik Selatan to Seremban. Biasalah naik komuter kalau tak car-pool dengan sesapa.

I reached the BTS station around 7.10 p.m. Tengok the displayed schedule, katanya the next train sampai situ 7.25 p.m. So... another fifteen minutes... o.klah. I smsed my daughter, Nadia to inform my arrival would be around 8.30 p.m. And ask babah to fetch me after sending Sarah for tuition. Travelling time from BTS to Seremban normally will take 1 hour. O.K fine..

After waiting and waiting the train still no sign of coming.. It was 7.30 p.m. The displayed schedule has changed to 7.45 p.m. for the next train. O.k lah I waited waited. Suddenly, my phone rang, my daughter, Sarah called and I told her that better ask babah to wait for me at the railway station in Seremban at 9.00 p.m... and finally the most waited train shoooing on the track slowly approaching the station at 8.00 p.m. Has they changed the time-table?? I have no idea. I just make myself storming onboard the train (of course la after letting people disembark the train). The coaches all packed with people but I managed to fit myself infront of the pintu. Standing somemore! Penat! I do not know why the train punctuality is always questionable. Can they improve? I am sure Malaysia Boleh!

Sampai Seremban, my husband was already waiting for me with Hajar, my youngest daughter. He parked the car and we headed to Parkson Grand. I have promised Hajar to buy her a pair of kasut tinggi (high heeled shoes) that's what she called, as long as the shoes/slipper/sandal tu ada tumit sikit and kalau jalan ada bunyi tuk tuk tuk. Macam kasut mama katanya. Unfortunately, tak jumpa kasut yang dikehendaki... instead I bought her a nice cotton blouse with pink floral design with 7o% discount!! After that we singgah at Mc Donald's (sorrylah, I have no choice semalam sbb dah balik lambat) while Babah busy at the Men' Dept. Later, Babah came over to us . We have to rush back to fetch Sarah at the tuition centre by 10.00 p.m.

We reached there 2 minutes to 10.00 p.m. and I sempat lagi singgah kat Dress Shop sebab from outside I can see they have a new collection of girls' princess dresses. I cannot resist but to enter the shop to have a closer look. Finally, I did not make any purchase and stormed out of the shop because it's already 10.05 p.m. I do not want Sarah to wait but lucky the tuition centre is just a couple of blocks from the Dress Shop. I will tell more about this Dress Shop in my future posting.

Sarah, she waited patiently in front of the tuition centre and came running towards the car as we pulled over. As usual she was dressed in her favourite O'kayce cotton shirt with girl image printed on the front side.

We reached home 5 minutes later and I quickly asked Nadia to change the channel to 701 for CSI Miami. I indulged in the CSI until 11.00 p.m. I quickly set the washing machine full loaded and went upstair and bathe and pray. By this time Hajar had fallen asleep and Sarah has changed into her pyjama and she went straight to bed. After Isyaq' prayer, I also went straight to bed. It was 12.45 a.m. What a day.. Good night everyone! I could only whisper.. zzz..zzzz..

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Jerusalem In the Qur'an

I found this book few years back on the book shelf in my living room. The book was bought by my husband. I accidently came across that very same book again last nite as I was searching for my Numbered Account.

The first time jumpa buku ni, I was like not really interested of reading it. But now, it is like a must for me to start reading the book.

Anyway, Numbered Account is another book which I am in a midway of finishing it. Quite interesting... about a banking scandal in Switzerland.. a father was killed and the son came back to work for the bank, to seek the truth behind his father's murder.

I do some reading whenever I do not have any sewing project, dah habis lipat baju, dah mop lantai, dah habis basuh pinggan etc. I do read quite a number of books by various authors from those days, ever since I commute between Seremban and KL, back in 1996.

What about the Jerusalem in the Quran? I am yet to know ... until I start reading it..

Talking about Jerusalem.. I remembered the Gaza.. As I was thinking of it, I received an e-mail informing about our department where I am working had launch the Tabung for the Palentine. I do hope that we will continue to support the Palestine people and please don't forget to donate to the Tabung NSTP untuk GAZA. The account no. is published on various on-line newspaper. Do visit the sites.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hi Everyone...

Let's start blogging! again??!

I like creating new blog, I guess. Anyway, I welcome comments for my future postings.

Along the path... why?... Yes, of course I am called "Along" by everyone in the family since I am the eldest among two sisters and a brother.

Yes, from now on along the path would bring you anything happenings and thoughts about my life and the lives of my family, friends and people I know as we walk along our own path.. Enjoy ...