Friday, February 20, 2009

Chocolate and Books

A friend of mine, Ziela just came back from a holiday on an island of legend... Before that I kinda 'force' her to buy me something from the island's free duty.. chocolate! When she came to work today, I 'force' her to surrender her big chocolate bar to me and guess what?? she did!! Thank you soooo much Ziela... Here's the tip... Just say your children love it... I love this particular brand of chocolate ever since I am still a little girl up to now became a 'biggg...' girl.

When I was small, I could still remember that my father used to treat us adik beradik with cadbury's milk chocolate and a can of F&N orange drink during special occassion e.g. kalau ada function kat mess. My father was an army and we used to live in an army quarters. There was a mess, kind of a club house then. kat situ ada chocolates and canned drinks! Special kan during that time... 30 over years ago...

Today is Friday, so.. we had 2 hours lunch break. As usual me and friends, Junaidah and Ida pergi SACC mall in Shah Alam. Just makan-makan, no shopping! We ate at one of our favourite eatery - Asiari. I ordered Buttered Rice with Lemongrass Chicken. Sedap!!! with iced-lemon tea lagi. After finished the nasi I cepat-cepat naik atas to the MPH Bookstore sebab ada 30% discount on some of the books. We got back to office by 3.00 p.m. lambat 15 minutes. Nasib baik boss tak ada...

I bought books for Hajar and me. This time no book for Sarah or Nadia. For Hajar, I bought 2 books - First Picture Dictionary and Bacakan Saya Satu Cerita. And for myself I bought 2 books also - Misteri Solat Sunat Dhuha and Misteri Solat Sunat Hajat.

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