Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sarah dan Bunga Mawar

Sarah bought another book for herself - Sarah dan Bunga Mawar. Ada 30% discount at the same kind of bookstore that I went the other day but this is in Senawang. This book is the third after Sarah dan Anting-anting and Sarah dan Kasut Tumit Tinggi. I guessed she just love all the books simply because the main character inside it was SARAH. Tak kisah lah.. as long as she could gradually built her reading interest. oops lupa, what's for Hajar? again... biasalah.. she picked a Barbie Colouring Book this time. Enjoy girls!!

This time no book for mama. I still have a few more pages to finish Honour Thyself.

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  1. Sampaikan salam saya kepada Sarah, Nadia dan Hajar :)

    ezee rahmani


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