Sunday, February 15, 2009

Adik and me

My sister, Adik fetched me at the office at 5.30 p.m. Friday and we travelled back together to Seremban. It was her normal routine to spend the weekend at our parents' place. Normally, if we were travelling from Shah Alam to Seremban, we would use the Elite Highway and exit at the KLIA. After paying the toll we would go along the road to the F1 Sepang, and the Labu Sendayan until we reached the Seremban 2. There's a shopping Complex and we decided to stop and 'sight-seeing'. I thought of buying t-shirt sukan for Sarah. Tapi malangnya, the back-to-school promotion tu dah lama habis. Never mind... makanlah sebab dah lapar.. On the way to the food court, we lalu at the cosmetic counter... attracted by the 15% discount and somemore bedak pun dah pecah, foundation pun dah habis... excuse lah tu nak beli... end-up both of us beli foundation, bedak, blusher, moisturiser, powder and we also dapat so called mineral eye-shadow FOC. To me tak lah membazir sebab not every month we buy such things. All those things would last more than 3 months!

Belum sampai lagi kat food court, we singgah at MPH. I bought Danielle Steel's Honour Thyself and a coloring book for Hajar. Finally we singgah at the last pit-stop, the food court. We ordered Mixed Grill - Chicken and Beef. tak sedap. tengah nak menyuap suddenly Adik cakap Eh! where's my phone?? Entah! mana ada kau telefon2 tadi. Cari2 tak ada dlm beg. terus dia tak lalu nak makan. She went back to the car which was parked outside and trying to locate the phone by using my phone to call hers while I finished my food. After a while, I finished my food, I went outside to the parking lot and she was still searching the whole inside the car. We could hear the ringing tone but where is it? Rupa2nya the phone was not inside the car, it was outside the car underneath the car which was parked beside her car just near the tyre. Just imagine if the car owner would drive out and just lenyek the phone. Sayonara la.. Suspen je la kau ni Adik...

We left the shopping complex, sent me home and she continued driving to Kota alone. The next day, I would go to Kota too. It's about 30 minute drive from my house. Kesian Ayah, he's alone since mak passed away.

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