Thursday, February 12, 2009

An afternoon in Bangi

Ayah have asked all the four of us to gather at Angah house in Bangi during the last weekend on Saturday. He wanted to discuss some serious family matters. I would not disclose it here for sure. I drove to Bangi with Sarah and Hajar right before lunch. Nadia tak ikut sebab ada kelas tambahan kat sekolah. Babah pun tak ikut. It took about 35 minutes drive from Senawang to Bangi. Very fast guna KL-Seremban highway.

At Angah's house, me, adik and angah cooked for lunch. We cooked kari sotong, ikan goreng, daging goreng and sambal belacan. As we were busy in the kitchen, the children were also busy on the three. See the above photos.

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