Friday, February 6, 2009

I got very annoyed...

Today, I was in one of our branch office to continue some unfinished work. I was also at the same branch office last Friday. What was actually the work that was so important that I 've been doing there last week and today?

Guess what? I was to patch all PCs and notebooks with the latest software patches, scan virus, install latest virus pattern file and engine as some bad virus has bombarded our network system. Frankly speaking, I have no problem doing all those cleaning things. All those 'things' does not really got on your nerves. But the 'thing' that most annoyed me was human.

I got really annoyed with people who just do not know how to appreaciate other people's effort or help.. but to always complaint and complaint all the way.. I got very annoyed.. until I almost forgot to fetch Sarah at school petang tadi. She had netball training. She is in the school team. Oh ya... let me introduce you .... Sarah Aisyah, 11 years old, she's in Primary 5. She's taller than me. I am 5' 1". She's 5' 2". She may grow taller...

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