Sunday, February 15, 2009

Glass Painting at Rumah mak.. Kota

Yesterday, Saturday, as planned I drove back to Kota. Adik was there. As usual Sarah and Hajar followed me. Nadia was busy with some motivational program at school. Babah as usual would not follow.

We went there after lunch. I cooked and eat and left. Normally, I would help Ayah to fold all his clothes. He would do the washing but not the folding. I would do it for him. Ayah gave me the latest edition of Feb's National Geographic because he got 2 copies. Last month pun dapat 2 copies. Sebenarnya Ayah terlupa yang dia dah renew the subscription. When he got the other form the following month, dia isi lagi sekali. That's the reason why they sent 2 copies. And I was to cancel the second subscription or to change it for the upcoming year subscription. This month National Geographic's 'What Darwin Didn't know'. I just browse thru but haven't read it yet. Actually I was busy reading the latest book I bought, Danielle Steel's Honour Thyself. It is quite a good book.

Back to Kota, what do we do there beside folding clothes? Yes, we do some glass painting. It's been quite sometime that I last do this. For Adik it was her first time. So do Hajar. We painted empty bottles that adik collected. Hajar tried her skill on an empty tomato ketchup bottle. See the above photo. I have a few bottles of acryllic colours. It was quite interesting.

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