Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tak berapa suka...

First day at work... first thing boss panggil suruh pindah ke workstation lain... by tomorrow...restructuring tempat duduk... o.klah... I always follow instruction...
Frankly speaking.. I do not like the idea.. simply because I have been sitting at the same cubicle for the past 10 years!! But as I said earlier... I follow instruction... I'll move my things latest by tomorrow then.

After thinking of my current work scope, I suddenly get bored. I 've been thinking of asking to be transfered to another section or department. But what other job(s) that I would be able to do other than IT? Of course sewing is another field that I am good at. But I am definitely not going to sew for living at least for now.

Whoever reading this posting, interested in hiring a 'garang' (senior) lady to overlook your some lazy worker you can count on me.. I am your right candidate. Ha.. ha... I am just kidding...

But... I am serious ... I need to do something new... something a 'little' bit more challenging... I need to change!!! I do not want to stay at the same level doing the same job for the rest of my working life!! I am willing to consider any job offer right now!! Please help me!!!!

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