Sunday, February 15, 2009

A tale of small miracles and big surprises...

What did I do today? I do all the washing, drying and folding and ironing. Done. I cooked for lunch. What did I cooked? I cooked ikan siakap masak lemak cili api, sambal belacan and timun, and ikan bilis goreng and telur goreng. I done all the house chores diligently and got back to my book immediately. Before that, while I was still in the kitchen, I switched on the TV and tak pernah2 tengok TV2, ada cerita 'The prince and I'. The tajuk interesting and tak sengaja I watched it to the end! The story quite interesting about a prince from denmark enrolled in an American university. There he met a girl in the same class and fall in love without the girl realise that he was a prince. The story go on with all a girl could dream of and finally they live happily ever after.. I guessed...

Back to the book... I was so indulge in the storybook since I bought it on Friday. Honour Thyself is about a courageous journey of survival, memory and self-discovery. A story of a lady who got her second chance in life after a tragic terrorists bombing, got an extraordinary opportunity to count her blessings, heal wounded hearts, recapture lost love... and to live a life that will truly honour others - beginning with herself. A tale of small miracles and big surprises....


  1. hullo! I've watched that movie "the prince n I" tuh..ada sequel tau..tknk citer, nanti u tengokla..same hero but different heroine

    on "honour thyself" pulak, not my fav danielle steel book,ntah apa pasal i fell asleep masa baca that book n until now tk habis..
    don't forget to tell me the endings kay!


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