Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hajar's Coloring Contest, Glittering Stickers and The other side of midnight

During the weekend, Hajar participated along with her classmates at Seremban Parade for the colouring contest organised by the Pejabat Pendidikan Daerah Seremban. As usual she won again but third prize. As I normally have said, as long as she wins any of the prizes that is alright with her. I was always be with her at any time she enter the contest. And she wins!

The night before the contest she was like not feeling well. Alamak! Hajar demam la.. We were at the Bookstore and I realised that she was not as energetic as usual she would. I was looking at the book shelf of the children's section when I came across an activity book which consist of a few pages of glittering stickers. I better buy for her, I thought. In case she won't be able to be at the colouring contest tomorrow. She would have a new activity as a substitute. I did and also did for myself, another Sidney Sheldon's The other side of Midnight. I have started reading it today. By the way, I have finished with the Bloodline. It was a fantastic fiction and I enjoyed each of the pages.

The next morning, Hajar woke up early and I was quite surprised that she was o.k. tak demam lagi. So, bolehlah pergi colouring contest tu. We went there, collect the prize, had our lunch at the foodcourt and we returned home. I slept until late evening sebab kenyang and penat.


  1. I love "The other side of midnight" suspen you...
    slalu jugak ye hajar menang colouring contest nih..dia suka colouring ye

  2. memang suker giler... hari-hari kat rumah mesti kaler... buku kaler tak pernah putus...


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