Friday, March 20, 2009

At home..

This morning, I went to the school to register for Hajar admission to primary 1 next year. Yes, I know.. I registered her quite late... tapi tak pe... the school clerk still accept the registration form. I need to come back in August for confirmation. Lega.. dah daftar..

Next.. I went to the laundry hantar 2 pasang baju kurung for dry clean. After that, I masuk the nearby kedai and cadangnya nak beli Milo tapi ended up I beli udang, mee kuning (kononnya nak goreng with udang tonite), sawi (untuk mee goreng), terung, kacang bendi for kari (teringat dah keluarkan ikan bawal kat rumah), santan pekat (for the fish curry), and perut... of course perut lembu... nampak bersih... putih... I pun ambik untuk sekali makan... what else I bought... oh ya kacang panjang nak buat kerabu perut mesti nak campur kacang panjang... itu je... terus balik rumah... masak kari and buat kerabu perut with kacang panjang and serai...

My husband balik sembahyang Jumaat, terus I hidang nasi and lauk kari ikan bawal with terung and bendi, kerabu perut and kacang panjang and telur dadar. A simple lunch for us today... What about yours? What do you have for lunch?

After lunch, I do some washing and am now posting this entry and after this perhaps some embroidery work... ada lagi tempahan from a friend tak siap lagi...

Seronoknya duduk rumah and do stuff that I most enjoyed

Have a nice weekend everyone..

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  1. sedapnya kerabu perut tu. I suka makan tp tk pernah buat coz kamal tk suka mkn perut.

    as for our lunch, me n hasya had lunch at the pulau ketam steamboat at Ikano...n not to forget bought 2 books for myself n 1 for hasya..


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