Monday, March 2, 2009

My first day...

My first day at work .. in a new section... and both my clerks are on leave or should I say one in on leave and the other is missing or EL or MC I guess.. What a challenge!!

What did I do? During the first hour, my boss called and given me two documents and asked me to re-evaluate the job scope, pricing etc... and immediately after that the secreatary given me all the quotations etc... oh dear... no one to assist me .. what do I do...

Never mind... not to panic.. and suddenly, here came the Property Exec and given me a bunch of document - scope of work for some work at our southern office. Here it goes...

And.. this afternoon is the Departmental Meeting which I have to attend and to report the progress. Where in the world is my clerk..

But... I think I like the challenge and my current job..

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