Thursday, March 12, 2009

My latest books...

I am now indulging reading Sidney's Sheldon's Bloodline. I bought the book on the way to boarding flight to Alor Setar from KLIA. Dalam terkejar2 to the gate, I sempat grabbed (and pay it of course!) the book from the shelve. It is the best ever book that I read by Sidney Sheldon.

Bloodline is about a daughter of a rich and powerful father and sole heir to a billion dollar fortune. In summary bloodline is a tale of love and ambition, danger, intrigue and death. Very interesting. Much better than Danielle Steel. You are right Zarina! I would prefer Sheldon's.

Another two new books this week are Japanese Ondori book on patchwork projects and Sewing bags for children. I would love to start new project this weekend. But... this weekend ada kenduri kahwin and guess what??!

Hajar is having another coloring contest in Seremban Parade in conjunction with Karnival Kerjaya Daerah Seremban, this Sunday at 10.00 a.m.

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