Thursday, April 23, 2009

Out of the Office

I was away from office for 2 days from Tuesday. Only today I'm in and there's a bundle of documents in my in-tray until I delayed my breakfast.

I attended the Developing the Purchasing Skills course at the Legend Hotel in KL nearby the PWTC. It been sooo long since I last attended a paid course. It's either the courses offered not related to my job scope or the company just sooo kedekut to approve my requisition.

Anyway, the course was so informative for me as I am still 'young' in Purchasing. There were 7 participants all together including me. The instructor is generally good in the field and an experienced guy. The best part was the hotel's food was excellent! (it was free).

As usual, if I were to go to KL on official engagement, I would take the Komuter train from Seremban. This time my stop was at the Hentian Putra. Guess what? It took 1.5 hours from Seremban to Putra stop. Bangun tidur bangun balik semula tak sampai-sampai lagi. Quite a boring journey. Some more no story book to read. On the first day I attended the course, I went to the International book fair at the PWTC before balik. There's lots of books. Tak tau mana nak pilih. But... I already had something on my mind... I search and search... and finally jumpa. Punyalah happy jumpa sampai tak sedar I termenjerit. The lady beside me pandang I, she was a bit terkejut I guess. I was looking for the A-Z Smocking. Murah je RM38.00 and after 20% discount I got it for RM30.40 only. It is a translated book to BM. Kalau English version punyalah mahal, around RM115 or more. Punyalah puas hati and smiling all the way home.

Yesterday, after finished the course singgah at a small pameran buku at The mall. A lot of story books but I was so tired to choose. So, I balik with nothing.

Now, I am planning to try out the smocking project pulak.

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