Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hadiah untuk Pengantin Baru

I just finished wrapping up the present for the newly married couple... the daughter of Hj Ahmad Zakri, colleague of mine in GMSB. We could not make it to the kenduri in Keramat, KL last month sebab asalnya Hajar demam but suddenly the next morning we changed plan and brought Hajar to the coloring contest in Seremban Parade.

I bought a set of lovely couple breakfast set, quite romantic I guess. I seldom wrap present and I have to admit that I memang tak pandai wrap present. Normally I would just go to the customer's service counter and get them to wrap for me. Selesai masalah. Tonite, I have to wrap the present myself jugak sebab dah beberapa lama asyik tertangguh nak bawak the present to office to give to the newly self-promote bapak mertua. I pray for the young couple to be happy everafter and may Allah bless them.

I could still remember 16 years ago... I pun dapat banyak hadiah kahwin... seronok kan... banyak pinggan mangkuk and tea set. Until now I am still using it...

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  1. ish..dah 16 yrs ye?!? tak lama lagi dapat menantu la pulak..heeeee


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