Sunday, April 26, 2009

Easy Sunday

Seremban's Lake Garden

I just came back from Seremban Lake Garden (above). My husband, Hajar and me had planned yesterday to go for an early Sunday jog. Nadia and Sarah would also want to join us katanya. But this morning... bila kejutkan both of them kata tak jadilah.

So.. just the three of us yang pergi. I made a brisk walk about 1.5 round the lake and sit on the garden bench with Hajar waiting for babah to finish up his 3rd round.

After finished the Sunday morning exercise, we headed for Stadium Paroi. I memang suka roti jala kat situ. I bought 4 sets of roti jala (16pcs) enough for all of us and also 4 bungkus nasi Lemak!. Why 4 only? sebab I wanted to avoid nasi lemak... membazir gi jogging..

So now... everyone in the house dah kenyang had their brunch. I don't have to prepare lunch lagi. Perhaps lewat petang baru start masak. I planned to start the bead works for a baju kurung. Dah sebulan kawan hantar, belum start jahit lagi. I better get started after this.

What about the plan to make the 'no-bake' cheese cake? Next week lah sebab tak cukup ingredient. Anyway, yesterday I already baked the chocolate cupcakes (no decoration). Actually It was a chocolate cake.. became chocolate cupcakes simply because I poured all the adunan into the papercups. Woilla!! jadilah chocolate cupcakes... Yang penting.. my daughters and hubby like it...


  1. lamanya tak pegi Seremban lake garden tu. A&W ada lagi tak?
    last pegi sana masa dok TKC 16yrs ago...

  2. ada... khas untuk you I akan postkan gambar A&W buat pengubat rindu..


**Thank you and have a nice day ahead**