Sunday, April 19, 2009

Gotong Royong

Yesterday, as early as 8.15 a.m. Hajar, my hubby and me were on our way to Hajar's kindy ada gotong royong.. As previous year, memo from the school says boleh bawak anak pokok, pasu, or peralatan bercucuk tanam..

I brought two abondoned clay pots and a few anak-anak pokok but not suitable to plant at kindy because the plant has torn on its leaves and finally the anak pokok later became rebutan among moms. I also brought cangkul and pencakar rumput. It was quite fun, with parents got to know each other and share stories of our kids. Yesterday only I knew that Hajar is one good netball player. The 'coach' (one of the parent) told me that Hajar always be the pemain contoh kononnya but she still have to work on her feet, always bergerak which is not allowed in netball. OK lah I said, I'll get the sister, Nadia which played for the school to train Hajar on this.

Actually the gotong-royong is to clean up the school compound and to beautify the landscape. The men do the tougher work like potong pokok mangga and bakar all the sampah. Nasib baik the neighborhood that report to JAS. We the moms tanam pokok bunga and alih-alih pasu bunga sambil bersembang-sembang... biasalah...

After almost 2 hours of sweating, it was makan time. Eloklah dah berpeluh, makan nasi lemak! We ate sampai kenyang and tapau some more. Tak payah masak for lunch.

After we left the school, terus ke laundry shop to sent Hajar comforter sebab ada kucing kencing! and do some groceries at the nearby supermarket. Ada very special offer... the Kraft's cheese spread is now sold at half price from it's usual RM8.99 and now at RM 4.50.

I like cheese. What about you?

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