Sunday, April 12, 2009

Baju Melayu Untuk Ayah

Ayah came over to my house just now. He just drop-by on his way to Angah's house in Bangi. Angah was away since last Thursday, she's in KK, Sabah right now. Ayah was there just to tengok-tengokkan her other four children. She just took the youngest one, Maryam with her.

I bought sepasang kain for a Baju Melayu for ayah last weekend kat Casa Moda, Seremban. Pilih punya pilih the colour that he wanted, at last dapatlah satu Italian Crepe. He wouldn't care the type (brand) of the material, as long as it is not too expensive or kilat-kilat. The sales assistant pun potonglah the 4.5 metre. I gave the kain to ayah on Monday night when he was on his way home from Masjid Negeri. On Thursday he called me saying that the kain has the word Silk printed on the edge. I was kind of terkejut sebab orang tu cakap bukan silk. Tak pelah I said, I bought another one lah. That one I punyalah jawab nya. I already started imagining to potong the kain later..

So, on Friday, I went to Gulati's lah pulak in SACC Mall in Shah Alam. It took quite fast to look for the suitable color of Ayah's choice eventhough there were soooo many material for baju melayu... I cannot resist to intai-intai kain for sepasang baju kurung... "Remember!"... I told myself. I still have quite a stock at home also from Gulatis and Casa Moda. I ended up buying only for Ayah. What a wise decision!..

Just now, I have given the kain to ayah and rest assured him that this time it is silk-free. OK settled. What was sooo hassle massle about the baju melayu??... Just wait.. the surprise is yet to come...

And now.. I continued with this entry and before that finished up making the pancake as Hajar was waiting and grumbling beside me...

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