Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pelik je..

Yesterday, I was on my way home from office, in the Komuter train, I was sitting beside a lady who was at that time holding a handphone. She was dressed in casual not office attire. That was normal right??

The sitting arrangement in the Komuter train was like a long bench facing another long bench on the other site. Got what I meant? Can you imagine it? I'm sure you do..

Now... What puzzled me at that time was that, the lady beside me, she was holding the phone and at the same time was focusing (I can see that from the screen of her handphone) on the other passenger who was sitting beside his girlfriend on the opposite bench and they were chatting to each other. From the screen I could see the image of the young man from waist down. Can you imagine how?

That was strange... right?? Why would she taking photo of the guy that she doesn't even know or seem stranger to her? More puzzled me was that the photo taken was not full length but from waist downward. Lagilah pelik!! Not once but a few times jugak she snap-snap the photo.

I don't knowlah... people do strange things sometimes... anytime and everytime... I presume!

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  1. sungguh pelik...apa dia nak ye?
    hmmm..I wonder

    dah amik kek you ke?


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