Thursday, October 8, 2009

conversation mother ~ daughter

Yesterday, lepas Hajar mandi, as usual I will comb Hajar's long curly hair. Here's the conversation as I was combing her hair ~

mama : " ni kalau nenek ada, mesti nenek suruh sapu minyak kat rambut, nanti rambut tak lah kering..."

hajar : (diam je, tak jawab)

mama : "hajar ingat nenek tak?"

hajar : "ingat"

mama : "sian kan.... nenek dah tak ada..... hajar ingat tak muka nenek?"

hajar : "ingat."

and unexpectedly she continued...

hajar : "mama, nenek raya kat syurga ke?"

mama : "ya..."

and we suddenly both became quiet ... I poured the baby powder onto my palm and sapu kat my daughter's both cheeks as my late mother did to me when I was little...

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