Monday, August 17, 2009

something done and many things not done....

Finally... it's done... I sewn the whole set of five pouches of batu seremban... consists of 5 pcs for each pouch.

All the fabrics used were left over from my blouse (brown floral corduroy) and cottons from the fabric photo frame I used to do quite some time ago.

Today, I have given all those tiny pouches to the lady who is in charge for the women's affair of our company's sport club... and also a close friend of mine... Siti Zaharah..

Next project before puasa start.... siapkan another sulam manik for a friend sister's baju kurung... sempat tak ni... during Ramadhan pulak nak jahit baju kurung for my daughters lagi... nak jahit langsir sliding door lagi... belum lagi langsir dapur yang tergendala from last raya, and yang paling penting my sarung cushion for my sofa.... alamak !!!!


  1. me many thing undone
    nk jahit langsir sliding, mak mentua punya langsir, baju kurung hasya & mine (percaya tk?),baju kurung for my frens daughter n nk buat kek hu...sabar aje la kan!

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