Sunday, August 16, 2009

new fabrics...

These are my latest fabrics in the collection... all are cottons... some are for baju kurung and small project like bags and pouches for friends and daughter, Hajar and for my cushion cover...

The cottons were purchased from all over the places i.e. Nagoya in Tampin, from a textile shop in Taipan Senawang (Senawang pun ada Taipan...) and also from Bandung, bought from a friend Zarin. (psst.. zarina... I lum bayar lagi la...)

Today, konon nya after lunch nak start potong kain untuk baju kurung Sarah and Hajar... and after that to finish up the remainder of the batu seremban...

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  1. Salam Nurain,
    Terima kasih follow KDee. Maaf lambat respond... will visit here again. Have a nice day and happy sewing.


**Thank you and have a nice day ahead**