Friday, August 7, 2009

Batu Seremban...

Few months ago....a colleague has asked me to sew a set of 5 batu seremban... I tak rasa pelik sebab before this my daughter pun pernah suruh jahitkan batu seremban for her and friend. I used to play 'batu seremban' during primary school. But those days we used to collect stones to be used as batu seremban.

During the weekend, baru I took the opportunity to sew a set of five 1.5" x 1.5" sachet batu seremban. I used my left over cotton from the baby's pillow case. I also sew 4" x 3.7" small pouch to keep those batu seremban... I filled those small squares with kacang hijau..

Anyone out there... ever sew batu seremban before.... It's quite fun sewing those tiny squares....

Oh ya... those batu seremban would be used for the Pertandingan Batu Seremban during Hari Wanita at our office to be held in October.

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