Monday, June 1, 2009

Hari Keluarga dan Sukaneka

Hari Keluarga dan Sukaneka at Bandar Seremban Selatan was held at the padang in front of our house. So... senang je.. langkah longkang dah sampai...

The program started at about 8 a.m. but before that the registration of the colouring contest has begun at 7.45 a.m. And seperti kelazimannya, Hajar would not miss the contest and I seperti biasa jugak suspen kalau dia tak menang any hadiah be it 1-3 or hadiah saguhati... as long as dapat hadiah..

Guess what.. as usual jugaklah she won... this time second prize.. but she does not like the prize this time... a set of badminton racket and a tube of shuttle cocks.. I was quite amazed jugak sebab of all the prizes, a badminton set?? kelakar pun ada... Put it this way lah... Hajar could consider to turn into a badminton player after this beside as a netball player... I mean a good one...

Don't you think so?

What about me during the sukaneka? I ate the jamuan ringan since I did not prepare any breakfast... I did not take part at all during the sukaneka.. In between matches... I went home to sidai baju... boleh? After all it was a very sunny day... and a perfect day for my bedsheets and towels yesterday..


  1. ha ha sweet..boleh balik sidai baju during the event. Anyway that's the beauty of it being held infront of our house kan!

  2. hi hi hi.. I pun nak ketawa sendiri.. eh! zarina, I pun nak jahit baju kurung untuk anak I lah ... jeles dgr you nak jahit b.kurung and dress anak u. 2 minggu lepas i jahit blouse and pants tau... dah bertahun tak jahit sendiri punya blouse..


**Thank you and have a nice day ahead**