Sunday, June 7, 2009

Strawberry Coklat and Sanctuary

This is prepared by me... alamak blur pulak photo ni...maklumlah camera lama 5 megapix je..

Someone's happy because her wish comes true tonite... strawberry coklat le... kalau ikutkan hati malas nak buat malam-malam. Notice tak.. her new sandal... baru beli siang tadi. That's why pakai dalam rumah. Belum rasmi kat luar. Kalau boleh nak bawak tidur agaknya...

... and Sanctuary written by Nora Roberts. I started this book couple of weeks ago, but stop about a week, then today sambung balik. This is my first time reading Nora Roberts's. Sanctuary is about a lady photographer, she escaped from the house called Sanctuary long ago, after the sudden, unexplained dissapearance of her mother. But now someone is sending her pictures, strange, close-ups and most shocking potrait of all - a photo of her mother, dead.
jeng.... jeng...jeng... suspen kan... I nak baca ni...


  1. Lamanya tak makan strawberry chocolate. Last I mkn masa zaman Dato Siti n Datuk K dulu heeee..

    On Santuary, I tkleh nk baca Nora Roberts..tak tau le kenapa..tapi tengok citer dia boleh pulak

  2. Sedapnye strawberry chocolate k.ain..terliur plak..


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