Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rasa bersalah...

Today, I got a phone call from Ayah... to tell the truth, I did not have any conversation with ayah since the kenduri. This is just not me.. it's not that I do not want to call him.. it's just that I suddenly felt so awkward, I do not know what to talk about or how to start the conversation..
He just said "lama tak dengar" then I heard myself was saying "sibuk sikit... last week pergi team building...bla..bla.. the girls sibuk dgn tuition and kelas tambahan .... bla...bla... (the excuses going on and on).. In between I asked him "ayah macamana? bla..bla.." The telephone conversation ended after 5 minutes.
I felt bad about myself.. I was not being myself... forgive me Ayah... I missed mak sooo much....

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