Saturday, June 13, 2009


It's been months that I last sewn beads for baju kurung. The most unforgetable beads work are for my arwah mak's, 2 pasang of her baju kurung moden. She asked me to sew beads on both edges of the sleeves. The 2 baju kurung were worn during a wedding in Jitra, Kedah in May 2008, about a year ago. After that, her health started to deteriorated and she passed away on 20th September 2008.

This morning, I went again to the Taman Rekreasi MPS, hantar baju kurung sekolah Nadia. After spending a while there, I singgah at the Kedai alat-alat jahitan in Seremban. I bought 2 different colour of beads and 1 type of sequin for the latest tempahan. I hope I could finish the beads work before end of this month. more beading after this...

What would the next project?.. Well... here's my To Do List;
1. Jahit pouch for Suraya
2. Jahit shopping beg for Suraya also
3. Jahit my baju kurung
4. Jahit baju kurung Nadia
5. Jahit baju kurung Sarah
6. Jahit baju kurung Hajar
7. To start my first ever Ribbon embroidery project
8. To learn smocking (buku dah beli)

Banyaknya nak buat... tapi tangannya cuma sepasang... ada yang nak tolong out there??


  1. Wah banyak nya project, mesti sibuklah ni kan..

  2. Sal, saya ni semuanya nak buat... masa dan kakitangan je tak cukup...


**Thank you and have a nice day ahead**