Wednesday, September 9, 2009

In between Happy and Sorrow....

Happy thing first...

I participated in this giveaway last week and today I received an e-mail saying that I WON!!!! I participated in many Giveaways before... but this is the 1st time menang...alhamdulillah... Thanks Zaza.
My comment for the giveaway was ~

" Hi zaza,I'm nurain ( I love reading your blog and I love laces and that was why I named my blog RendaCraft and collect them too! My arwah mak was the most special person on earth, that most inspired me eversince i started sewing and crafting at early teen age.. she taught me all about sewing...Thank you for having me in your giveaway list..I love your card designs so much... "
Of course I am happy but... at the same time I am sad..thinking of arwah mak... tomorrow is 20th Ramadhan and genap setahun mak kembali ke rahmatullah...
Last night, ayah called and reminded me to hadiahkan bacaan Yaasin for arwah mak... I will never forget....
~ al-Fatihah ~

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