Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wedding preparation...

Of course it's not mine... I've been married to my beloved husband for 17 years this coming August. Right now if you were to ask me what's the project for 2010... I would give a list of to do things for the upcoming Adik's majlis nikah on 26 March 2010.

My new year of 2010 began with the Majlis Bertunang of my youngest sister on the 2nd January 2010. Asalnya pihak lelaki nak datang merisik dulu... tapi last minute they decided to make it as bertunang as well. We, pihak perempuan, complaint almost nothing but agreed. We rushed to Nilai 3 for the hantarans. Thinking of it, bagus jugak, sebab it been years since my first trip to Nilai 3. We (me and almost all in the family, including our children and adik and fiance-to-be) had fun in Nilai 3 in fact.
Our cousin, Kak Ah was sooo kind to hand her expertise to help us with the hantarans. So, we can concentrated on the bertunang menu. Percaya tak, we all masak sendiri kat rumah and tak de langsung menempah. The majlis was held at about 4.30 p.m and the menu was:
1. Roti Jala (my brother, Lofty and his wife yang 'menjala' and later other cousins pun tolong)
2. Kari Ayam (of course! I was the cook - 1 periuk besar - almost 4 ekor ayam!)
3. Fried Meehoon with Prawn (Adik her self the fiancee-to-be yang menggoreng - 2 kuali besar tau!!)
4. Kuih muih (makcik Kamsah yang buat - karipap and pulut seri muka - sodap !!)
5. Dessert - Agar-agar santan (prepared by kak Ah - super sedap !!)
6. Hot drink - tea
7. Fruit - omg, we forgotten!!
All the above were for about over 70 peoples and the bertunang favors were a small pouch of chocolates. Overall, the majlis turned out Alhamdulillah OK, enough food, even for tapau and everyone was happy especially Adik!
The photographer - sampaikan 3 orang including my husband.
Oops lupa the tetamu were:
1. Cousins - Kak Ah & husband, Haris & Shidah, Rohaya & husband,
2. Arwah mak's close friends - Kak Falah & husband and Auntie Bibah & husband
3. Aunties and uncles and grandmother
4. Kak Anim & husband
5. Pihak rombongan lelaki - about 30 peoples
I'll upload the photos later tonite. Kat ofis tak leh upload photo. Leceh betul la!

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  1. lamanya dia diam membisu...cepatla update ye!
    btw, nanti i upload gambar kain cotton sikit...ada sikit je ni tp in a bulk quantity


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